Technological advances in manufacturing have reduced barriers to market entry

Manufacturing today is no longer simply about making physical products but about finding new ways to create and capture value for the end user.

Changes in consumer demand, the nature of products, the economics of production and the economics of the value chain have led to major shifts in the way goods are designed, produced and sold. 


Pay-TV operator woos consumers after completing business rescue

It’s not every day that you hear about a CEO slumming it in the townships of Thembisa and Mthatha.

But that’s exactly what the head honchos at Star Sat did as the pay-TV operator tried to clamber back from the brink of collapse.


Small publishers hope to benefit from government ad spending

Small independent publishers hope that government makes good on its plans to boost advertising spending in community publications, as many small players in the industry are struggling to make ends meet.

Fezile Monke, chairperson of the Eastern Province Community Print Media, said government had for years been promising to plough cash into publications owned by small publishers, but nothing had come of that. 


Africa on the verge of a tech boom

By all accounts, Africa is on the verge of a tech boom akin to a latter day gold rush. Such is the enthusiasm that this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) posed the question: “Is Africa leading the innovation revolution?”

The Wall Street Journal ventured that Africa might give rise to the next Mark Zuckerberg, referring to the founder of Facebook.


South African firms magnets for online fraudsters

With the South African economy hopelessly heading towards a recession, companies and their clients are increasingly becoming at risk of being targeted by cash-desperate cybercrime syndicates hell-bent on hitting big scores without being detected.

Africa’s most financially sophisticated economy is a magnet for internet criminals, with South African companies reporting a 23% surge in cybercrime incidents since 2014, according to PwC’s biennial Global Economic Crime Survey released last month.


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