Land question needs to be resolved

The land question has once again been thrust into the spotlight by the growing clamour for radical economic transformation, which is gaining traction in public discourse as black people fail to make a significant breakthrough in the mainstream economy.

The ruling ANC is split on the matter, while the main opposition party, the DA, says it wants a form of land restitution that will insulate food production from any potential disruption while bringing more black people into commercial farming and land ownership. 


Eastern Cape textiles factory to boost wool farmers

For nearly 20 years traditional beer maker United National Breweries has cut a forlorn figure as the only industrial investor in Butterworth after the Eastern Cape town was deserted by more than 40 large-scale manufacturers in the mid-1990s.

The town’s two-decade long investment drought came to an end in February when the once-thriving industrial town welcomed a textiles manufacturer, raising hopes that the investment could help Butterworth reclaim its former glory. 


Mining companies: victims or villains?

Africa’s mining industry is caught between a rock and a hard place. It’s rarely been under greater scrutiny and it’s rarely faced a tougher existential crisis.

The world’s mining behemoths are being buffeted by escalating demands from unions and lobby groups, on the one hand, and the vagaries of the global commodities cycle, on the other. Not to mention a policy environment that has often proved confounding.


Weak commodity prices putting brakes on Africa’s resource nationalism

Is resource nationalism on the wane in Africa? That was the question on many minds following reports out of Zimbabwe that President Robert Mugabe is mellowing on his country's controversial indigenisation policy.

Resource-rich nations around globe are trying to generate more revenue from their mineral wealth by increasing resource taxes or taking equity stakes in mining projects. These countries say they need extra revenue to spend on the poor and infrastructure projects.


Sought after seabed mining riles green activists

Enterprise is the essence of the human spirit. What may appear as an end to an era, could actually be the beginning of new frontiers for businesses to flourish.

South African-born US dollar billionaire Elon Musk is one case in point. Just before the internet bubble left a trail of start-up casualties in the Sillicon Valley in the early 2000s, this founder and CEO of PayPal sold his company to eBay and started a new business. 


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